Guardian Scholars

More Than a Scholarship, a Family Making Dreams Come True

The Guardian Scholars Program was founded in 1998 at California State University Fullerton and has grown into a Family of Students, Alumni, Loving staff and Generous Donor at more than 50 schools in our nation. The goal of our program is to create a family of support along with the gift of a scholarship and building trust that we love our students. After graduation, individualized mentoring and networking continues. The program has received National recognition for an unprecedented graduation rate and providing a total support system.  It is rewarding to see students grow from frightened and confused freshman into professionals, social services leaders, nurses, teachers, parents, and contributing members of society.

We are blessed over a decade of success making "Dreams Come True" for hundreds of deserving students.

Ron Davis
350 Old Creamery Ranch Rd
Edwards, Colo  81632
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